Hanging out at Bell Rock, near Sedona, AZ

Hi, I’m Corky, the Intrepid Traveler and Citizen of the World. My focus is on personal growth, (both mine and yours.) I plan to explore lots of different landscapes, and not just places on the map.  I’m talking inner landscapes as well – cultural, intellectual, artistic and spiritual. I have finally come to realize that I grow best when out in the world, experiencing all it has to offer. I have been as far north as Pt. Barrow, Alaska, as far south and west as Christchurch, New Zealand, and as far east as the island of Paros in Greece. There is so much more to see and share. I feel like I have finally found my medium, the creative outlet that will allow me to share all this. I am expecting quantum leaps.

May you live long and prosper. Peace be with you on your journey.

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