Last Spring I stumbled across an article about Full Moon Nature Walks in Bryce Canyon National Park and decided that was reason enough for me to take off on another excursion. Can you say EPIC ROAD TRIP!!!

Corky and Paco at Bryce Point

I arrived a couple of days before the full moon, so had plenty of time to explore and photograph. Below is an iconic view from Bryce Point at sunrise. Just be prepared for wind and cold at sunrise in the spring. I was there in early March and sunrise greeted me with 17 degree temps and winds strong enough to shake my very sturdy old school tripod… Even with these extreme conditions, I expected to see at least a couple of other photographers, but I had the place all to myself.   There’s a lot to be said for going early in the season and braving the elements…

Bryce Point sunrise

The full moon hike was a lot of fun, even though there wasn’t enough snowpack to require snow shoes. I really enjoyed the talk by the “Dark Ranger”, who talked about such diverse topics as winter survival and light pollution, actually quite relevant and inter-related when it comes to the survival of nocturnal wildlife in an increasingly urbanized environment…

And while it was nice to see the full moon rising on cue over the distant plateau, it wasn’t really a very good photo op. You would need a very large zoom to get a decent shot, and forget it if  all you have is a point and shoot or a camera phone. The stars of the night were… well, the stars. The Dark Ranger was very knowledgeable about the night sky, pointing out several planets and constellations, which were clearly visible, even with the full moon shining brightly.

If you are heading to Bryce Canyon I highly recommend planning your trip around the full moon and going on this walk. It’s free and space is limited, so sign up in advance (especially in the summer months) to make sure you get a spot. You will not be disappointed…

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